Your Pet is Welcome in the Ludington Area!

We love our pets, and more of us are bringing them along when we travel. With all the wide open space here in the West Michigan area, your dog or cat should feel right at home. But where are specific places that welcome your furry friend? Here's a list to get you started.

Walking Your Pet

Central Bark

Ludington's only Dog Park, Central Bark, is located within Cartier Park, accessible from north Rath Avenue.

Loomis Street Boat Ramp

At the end of Ludington Avenue, the Loomis Street Boat Ramp has a small beach area where pets are welcome to roam. They are not allowed on Stearns Beach at any time, but can still experience the fun of splashing in Lake Michigan. They can be off leash here also. This area is a short walk from downtown and many local motels.

Cartier Park Walk Path

This beautiful 10 foot wide paved path, located at the corner of Bryant Rd. and North Rath Avenue, winds around the perimeter of the park and meanders through the woods. A gazebo near the Lincoln Lake offers a place to rest and admire the surroundings. Your dog will love the hilly path, and it is plowed in the winter.

Ludington State Park

There are 3,000 acres here for your pet to roam, as long as he's on a 6' leash (or shorter), cleaned up after, and current with shots. Dogs are not allowed in park buildings or swim beaches, but are welcome in the campgrounds and hiking trails (see "Public Beaches" above). There is an area called Sargent Sand Lake along Piney Ridge Road that is not an actual beach--but it is on State Park property and dogs are allowed in the water there. They can also go into the water at Lost Lake, north of Beechwood Campground, and the sandy shoreline on the south side and to the east of the dam. At no time should your dog be left unattended.

Ludington's Disc Golf Courses

Mason County Park, near the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant, has three courses: Beauty, Beast, and Goliath. Right off Jebavy Drive is Leviathan, which is actually two courses. All five welcome your dog to romp and play (and maybe catch your disc!). No leash is required, but you must clean up after them.

Area Parks & Beaches

Beach area south of the breakwall at Stearns Beach. Dogs not allowed on main part of Stearns Beach.
Buttersville Park (also has beach where dogs are allowed off leash)
Ludington Rotary Park
Summit Park (also has beach where dogs are allowed off leash)
Memorial Tree Park
Sutton's Landing
Waterfront Park
Scottville Riverside Park (dogs may also go in the Pere Marquette River)
Wilson Hill, South Bayou, and Victory Township Park at Hamlin Lake
Manistee National Forest (pets are welcome at campgrounds & on trails, but not beaches)

Pets are welcome on a leash at these parks, as long as you clean up after them, and keep them from disturbing other people.


Feel free to bring your dog to the Civic Band Concerts Thursdays from 8-9pm during the summer months on the Village Green. They'll have plenty of company, as many people bring their pets for the fresh air and great music.

These Lodging Facilities Accept Pets:


Best Western Lakewinds (800) 780-7234
By the Lake at Parkview Cottages (231) 843-4445
Comfort Inn, (877) 424-6423
Holiday Inn Express & Suites (800) 465-4329
Rodeway Inn (231) 843-2233
Nader's Lakeshore Lodge (231) 843-8757
Vacation Station RV Park (231) 845-1100

Hamlin Lake

Motel Lakewood (231) 843-3884
Peaceful Acres Resort (231) 843-2292
Waterside Resort & Boat Rentals (231) 843-8481

These Restaurants/Markets in Downtown Ludington Welcome Your Pet

Blu Moon Bistro
Cafe 106
Ludington Pub
Luciano's Ristoranti
Ludington Bay Brewing
The Q Smokehouse

Other Pet-Friendly Places

Historic White Pine Village
This local attraction is dedicated to preserving Mason County's rich history, and they welcome well-behaved dogs on a leash, and of course, cleaned up after. Families and their pets will enjoy the quiet surroundings, and you can all pick up a snack at the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor!

Lake Michigan Carferry (S.S. Badger) also allows pets on board, but must remain in crate in cargo area or in owner's vehicle.

Local Support for Pets and Pet Owners

Mason County is lucky to have numerous organizations that are dedicated to finding homes for stray animals, caring for animals, and supporting pet owners. Learn more here.

Find: Kennels or Veterinarians

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