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Who doesn't appreciate really good food? Whether you're a visitor to the Manistee area or a resident, the fresh foods, local wines, and homemade ice cream are always a special treat.

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Manistee restaurants not only serve up great food, but friendly service. There's such a variety of places to suit everyone's taste. Enjoy fine dining, family-friendly restaurants, homestyle cooking, and places that offer something very unique. Many local pubs and bars also serve food, as well as entertainment or karaoke on the weekends.

Don't miss tasting a delicious Pizza -- a go-to food that everyone likes. Manistee has several pizza places, with many other restaurants serving it on their menu. Thick or thin crust, white or marinara, with any topping imaginable...pick up a fresh made pie for lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack!

Farmers Markets can be found in just about every neighboring town. Delicious fresh fruits and vegetables right from the farm are available, as well as homemade breads and pastries. You'll also want to check out vendors selling jewelry, soaps, and various other handmade items.

Summer means visit a local deli for fresh-cut meats and sandwiches. Fill your picnic basket with all the goodies; like potato salad, cole slaw, beans, chips, and beverages. Manistee has many major grocery stores and smaller markets where you can stock up on all your food and personal items.

Ice Cream and summer go hand-in-hand, and Manistee has plenty of it! Choose an ice cold shake, your favorite flavor ice cream in a sugar or waffle cone, or a sundae dripping with your favorite topping. Sit on a bench or picnic table while you savor every sweet bite.

Looking for a nice bottle of wine? Party and grocery stores, as well as some area restaurants all carry a nice selection. From wines around the world to ones that are produced locally....merlots to zinfandels...a delicious glass of wine is the perfect way to end your day.

If you're hosting an event, leave the cooking to one of Manistee's quality caterers. Many local restaurants will be happy to prepare delicious appetizers and entrees for your party, and some businesses specialize in event planning. Along with friendly service and good prices, it just makes sense to leave the cooking to the professionals.

We survive on good food and drink. It may as well be fresh and delicious, which you'll find in Manistee. Bon apetit!

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